The wall is a yogi’s best friend!

                                     The wall is a yogi’s best friend! Fam, I know it is has been a while; I have been busy but still posting on my Instagram page daily. I am back to […]

Funky Compass Pose

Namaste fam! Few many days and no new post. I know. Anyway, I have a new pose for you to try. By seeing it might seems difficult to do but relax it is pretty simple to do. You just need to follow the steps! -Start with doing your cat and […]

Bedtime Yoga

  Had a long day and Having trouble sleeping? Or want to sleep better? I mean have relax before sleeping? I put together a series of yoga poses from cat pose to the corpse pose to help you decompress. Anybody can try this; there is no level requirement. Guess what […]

How to | Low lunge/ Lizard Poses

Hello Fam, I figured out that it was about time to start sharing tutorial! Well, I did not figure it out to be honest, I woke up and felt like my next video could be a tutorial. I am showing two poses: low lunge pose and lizard pose. Let’s get […]

Read about my fear and WIN this!

Join the party and WIN! Hello everyone, what’s with you? I hope nobody answers the sky. LOL.  I recently launched my YouTube channel and it is another venture for me. I have always thought about having one and people have also encouraged me to do so for tutorial and longer […]

Easy ways to be healthy

Bonjour, Hello, Hola! I hope whoever is reading this is doing awesome! I am doing good even if I am not good, I am still good; believe me! Bon, revenons a nos moutons as we say in French. This post introduces a new topic on my blog! Youhou!! I try […]