I am Jerry Justizia Kassegne, a girl born in Benin: a beautiful, tropical country on the West African Coast. Living in the United States for four years now, I have discovered my passion, a deep love for Yoga twenty months ago.

Yoga was never my thing. I did not practice any kind of sport or meditation on a regular basis. Well you must be wondering how I went from 0 to a 100. I’ll say that I was first attracted by the beauty of the “asanas”: they are yoga postures. I then caught myself searching for best yoga pictures on google and found myself mesmerized by the things people were able to accomplish with their bodies.

I told myself: “hey, since you are so amazed by what they can do, why don’t you start, and give it a try”. At least I would never regret not trying. On a sunny morning in October 2014, I took my first picture while I was stretching and I posted it on my Instagram page with the caption: <<I do not know if this pose has something yoga …Anyway I was stretching since I decided to work on my flexibility. I found some cuteness in this random pose in my yoga session. #newjourney #letsgetflexy #yogaforlife #yoga #flexibility>>.

With these hashtags, I later on discovered wonderful accounts on Instagram, fully dedicated to Yoga. I told myself that this was going to happen: I was going to turn my Instagram page into a yoga account. I deleted all my old pictures from my account. Believe me the transition has not been very smooth. I did receive a lot of negative feedback that in the beginning almost made me quit, but I had never given up on anything in my life before and I was not about to start. I just got more focused and involved with this newfound hobby and here I am today, two years later, hosting my own Yoga website. That’s because I chose to cling to what makes me happy, I derive great pleasure in helping other people feel the way I feel, and experience for themselves the greatness of Yoga; inside and out, body and mind.