Holidays quick detox!

Hello fam!

How is everyone doing? We all know it is holidays time! Eat, drink, eat and eat and eat again will be the only things to do! I mean that’s what holidays are for, Right? Enjoy the good food without worrying because I got you. Yaaas! snap back SNATCHEEEDDDD. You wonder how? Watch the video below to see how the magic happens in less than FIVE DAYS. You bet? Try it and let’s talk later; you will thank me later!



Easy ways to be healthy

Bonjour, Hello, Hola! I hope whoever is reading this is doing awesome! I am doing good even if I am not good, I am still good; believe me! Bon, revenons a nos moutons as we say in French. This post introduces a new topic on my blog! Youhou!!

I try to be healthy as much as I can, I am not the healthiest person but I try. I have been getting messages from my snapchat friends, direct messages from my IG friends who seem interested in how I manage to eat healthy, I have been getting questions here and there asking about healthy and fun recipe or meal plan, so I decided to share an article about how to be easily healthy.

Eating a bit healthier will not be a challenge for you after reading this, it will become an everyday-thing; a lifestyle. I guarantee you that eating healthy is the easiest thing ever! Keep reading and you will understand!

  • Drink water every time, as much as you can. This is numero uno! Some will say water is tasteless, to be more specific, I have a friend who does not know how to drink water, yes you read well. If you cannot drink plain water, make you some detox water, or fruit water or juice or flavored water. I am not about to share  recipe in this article, but feel free to ask me if you want some! 
  • In primary school, I was taught to have five fruits and vegetables every day. I am not about to tell you the same, since I am basing myself on my daily life. Just have a fruit a day. it is at least something! Or be creative, make it a drink, try some homemade smoothies. Try to balance things yourself! For those who do not like veggies, fruits are delicious and there is a ton of fruits! Try some!
  • Stop frying foods, grill or bake them. I swear, they even taste better sometimes.  Grilled and baked foods have reduced fat and they will decrease the risk of some diseases. Please avoid eating late at night. If hungry, drink water! That’s what I do, so I am just sharing.
  • As we all know, being healthy is not only what you ingest. Why are you not getting at least 7 hours of sleep already or 8 hours a day? Movies won’t disappear and the coco channel bags under eyes might look eye catching but they are not that cute, believe me. Get you enough sleep buddy!
  • Be your own coach, your motivation, your goal. I mean, picture yourself: an imaginary (you) before and after and WERK IT. You got the juice, ain’t nobody will be the best version of you than yourself. Personally, I think peaking someone for goal can be frustrating and good at the same time. Anyway, do what works best for you! Find one activity that you enjoy and stick with it to stay active, for instance, besides Yoga, I have a short home workout that I do almost every morning and it makes me feel better about myself.
  • Last, not least, go to sleep being thankful and wake up with a reason to shine! Meditate, find a purpose.

Do me the favor to look at yourself everyday in a mirror, and talk to yourself, appreciate yourself, encourage yourself, find beauty and love in yourself, most importantly love yourself everyday. You got the sauce!


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5 mins that will change your life


I have asked myself more than once, who was I? Like for real Fam! Circumstances define who we are most of the time, but beyond that, who are we? Who am I, who are you? Who is the true self? The self without the circumstances, the society’s impact, the things around? Have you ever asked yourself that? I personally did!

Who is the “I” or the “You”? I started finding answers to my questions with meditation.     Do you know the “I” that I’m referring to?

The “I” that is unbothered

The “I” that has no worries

The “I” that is peaceful and powerful

The “I” that is relieved

I like that “I” better and I am sure you will too.

I got a friend or a brother’s opinion on this. (@tibolebo86)

Me: How did you find out about meditation?

Tibo: I think meditation came to me. I needed to go within, to discover my goal on earth, to find who I was,  so I started meditating.

Me: Tell me how meditation makes you feel? What has meditation brought you?

Tibo:  It improves my life; I am becoming more aware, more focused.  I’ve met the right and real ME, the ME without ego. My life has changed, I live with no fear, full of serenity and confidence. What meditation is doing to me is great! In Fact, I’ve become one with the nature, one with God within me, one with the divine in me.

 I was in awe of what I was reading!

In my previous post, I recommended you to add meditation to your 2017-do-list. Have you done so? If yes, good! Not yet? Alright it is not too late. Some have no idea how to meditate or how the practice is good for the self. I will always talk and tell you stuff based on my own experience. Meditation has done good for me mostly helping me to focus and know what I want and what I need.

I know that meditation is personal and there are different ways to mediate.  5 minutes a day and see how it will change your life. Here is how you can start:

  • Find a quiet place
  • Sit comfortably and close your eyes
  • Let go of all your thoughts, your plans, your day, your bucket list
  • Focus on your breath
  • Stay still and relax the mind and enjoy the emptiness to find the peaceful one within.

Repeat every day for 5 minutes only and increase the timing.




The #1 tip to WIN in 2017!


I bet you are working on your new year resolution? Good for you! Anyway, I am here to remind you of something. Taking care of yourself should be the #1 priority! And when I say taking care, it is BODY AND MIND. If you have these two aligned, YOU ARE WINNING!
You need to consider this information you are about to read in your new year resolution. Believe me and we will do it together. How awesome!
1- Meditate, Meditate, PLEASE Meditate 

Why? Because meditation will help you to cope with stress, to clear your mind, to understand yourself and to be in control of your emotions.

2-Breathe or Pranayama : Why am I asking you to breathe if it is something you do every single second and mostly without realizing it. Well, it is deeper than that. The pranayama is breathing exercises that help to increase energy, to relax and will mostly improve your health.

3- Journal: Journaling is not only for teens. Everyone needs to be journaling. Why? Because journaling helps to grow. Comment under this article if you do not want to grow better. So yes, you want to journal and keep track of yourself. Give this a try, you will thank me at the end of 2017.

Have your little Yoga routine. Y’all already know what yoga brings to me and one of the reason why I am sharing this experience with you is because I wish you guys to experience the same feelings. I will be posting some flows as usual that you can use!

I have a surprise for you!

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And it is a wrap with my last post of the year!
I have more to come on this website. I am working every day to make it better; aiming to be one of the best Yoga blogs out there! I need your help in this venture!
We are ready to kill it all in 2017!

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Yoga body/ Yoga diet


I am here again! Who is excited about this month? I meant December. Well, I am not because it reminds me that winter is there. Cold weather is not my thing. I enjoy every beginning of a month tho. Do you want to know why? Because I have my monthly body cleanse or detox, whatever we wanna call it. Yay! I started this since June 2016 and my first month was challenging. No lie. I started first by curiosity. I call myself “health-conscious”, so I try to eat healthy as I can. I wanted to share to this part of my Yoga courseware with you ( see the image attached to the post). http://

 I posted it on my Instagram account because I found it very interesting. Since I have my detox every month, I wanted to follow all these rules for the 4 detox days this month (December, 2016). I am about to share one day menu with you!

-Water like a lot of water

-Lightly cooked greens beans, peas and carrots in organic coconut oil

-Diced pineapples and red grapes

-My personal detox drink (ginger and lemon juice)

My fave snacks are almonds, pistachios, organic dried bananas.

It gets easy with time and I never run out of ideas about my meals.

I never regret doing it and I am glad I am doing it. I feel great and it helps me to fight bloating as well . I am personally looking forward to extend to 1/4 month meaning a whole week instead of 04 days a month. I have had friends who joined just by seeing me posting about it on Snapchat . They joined the monthly detox not for the yoga diet purpose but just for the cleanse. I am doing it for both purposes. My wonderful  journey !

Y’all have a great week!

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