What’s up fam? Who has heard about We Buy Black ? Let me guide you here! We buy black is the largest marketplace for black owned businesses. We buy black also has a blog and every day has its own topic. Y’all already know that I am into Yoga and healthy lifestyle. I am happy to be a wellness content creator for this black community. Catch me every wednesday for #WellnessWednesday on . I am here to serve and help!


African prints leggings

Hello Fam,

I had the opportunity to collaborate with this great African prints inspired clothing line. They sponsored a giveaway with us. Besides the fact that this pair  looks awesome, the leggings really comfy! Watch the video below for a demo and judge by yourself. You can find them on or on Instagram @ruva_afric_wear !

Frequently Asked Questions

Help me to help you! Aide-moi à t’aider! 

-How did you start your journey? / What made you start Yoga ? 

I put both questions together because I believe they lead to the same answer. First, the beauty of the asanas (Yoga postures) is what made me start Yoga. I was amazed by the postures and wanted to try them. I started having fun, finding happiness and wanting more and more practice . I was pretty much craving Yoga.  At a point, I found myself addicted to it, but It was and it is a “good addiction”. 

-How can I get into your class?

It is pretty easy to have a session with me. I have a space ( Yoga studio) that I can use for my sessions in Cincinnati, Ohio USA. You can also have a virtual session with me. Check my BOOKING page on the website for more information. I go around sometimes (Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, DC). You can contact me if you live somewhere in these states and we will schedule a session. 

-Can I book a class as a gift for someone?

Absolutely, you can! Make sure to add that while completing the booking form, so I can contact the person.

-How will the private class go? 

Private class will be between the instructor and the student. If you need some specific arrangements, please add them while filling out the booking form. I do Yoga, I am flexible. 

-Can you travel for Yoga class?

I would like to say Yes and No at the same time. I cannot travel for one private class. C’mon guys! Get your squad together and let’s schedule the class. I can travel to teach Yoga and I would love to.

-How long have you been practicing?

I started practicing Yoga on October 2014. 

-Can I do yoga even if i am not flexible?

I need people to stop saying, “I am not flexible, Yoga is not for me.” I always tell people that Yoga is for everyone. Stop finding excuses. Flexibility is not a requirement for Yoga, it is a product. You will gain flexibility while practicing. Moreover, no Yoga instructor will ask you to touch your toes and get into a full camel pose at your very first session. ANY BODY CAN YOGA!

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This is Our little Secret!

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