Chair Yoga

Hey Friends, I hope that everyone is doing well! As I always tell y’all Yoga is for everyone and yoga can be practiced everywhere. I came up with a 10 minute chair Yoga for any level, yes any level! Anybody can do this! Watch the video below and send it to your mate who thinks there is no room in his/her schedule for Yoga. Do not forget to subscribe to the channel fam!


The wall is a yogi’s best friend!

                                     The wall is a yogi’s best friend!

Fam, I know it is has been a while; I have been busy but still posting on my Instagram page daily. I am back to post an article about Yoga props; like I always say, the wall is my best yoga prop.Believe me the wall can assist you in your practice. The wall for being strong and sturdy will provide you the best foundation while working on your asanas because it will not let you fall.
The wall will help with your folds (forward fold), your hips stretches (standing split or middle split), your seated postures (butterfly pose), your balancing postures (tree pose) and your inversions (handstand).
In standing postures, the wall can provide you a back support and help build your posture. In seated postures, the wall will help to align your spine by seating against it.In balancing postures that are challenging, the wall will help your work on balance by providing a strong and sturdy support.

     Insert the wall in your Yoga practice and see how it will help you build confidence in some challenging poses.


Funky Compass Pose

Namaste fam! Few many days and no new post. I know. Anyway, I have a new pose for you to try. By seeing it might seems difficult to do but relax it is pretty simple to do. You just need to follow the steps!
-Start with doing your cat and cow poses
-Tuck one of your shoulders under the knee
– Use the hand under the knee to grab the other foot. I hope you did not fall here by trying to grab the foot. Once you surely grabbed the foot, make sure you still have a good balance there.
-Start lifting slow the foot that is above your shoulder by helping the lift with shoulder under the arm under the foot
-Slight twist and make sure to extend and have the leg above the arm straight!

  And that’s it! YOU GOT IT!
This asana looks challenging by sight t but watch the video below for the tutorial!                                   Share this tutorial with a friend! 


Bedtime Yoga


Had a long day and Having trouble sleeping? Or want to sleep better? I mean have relax before sleeping? I put together a series of yoga poses from cat pose to the corpse pose to help you decompress. Anybody can try this; there is no level requirement. Guess what is interesting about this video? You will be able to do this in your bed, no yoga mat needed.



I hope you enjoyed this video, please let me know if it has helped you and don’t forget to share it with someone having trouble sleeping! Help a friend and show some love! 


How to | Low lunge/ Lizard Poses

Hello Fam, I figured out that it was about time to start sharing tutorial! Well, I did not figure it out to be honest, I woke up and felt like my next video could be a tutorial. I am showing two poses: low lunge pose and lizard pose. Let’s get to them!

  Low lunge or Anjaneyasana

This pose is a standing pose that stretches the hips and the tights by strengthening the gluteus and quadriceps.
1- Begin in down dog pose
2- Step one foot forward while slowly lowering the opposite knee on the ground or your mat
3- Make sure that the knee of the front foot is aligned with the ankle of this foot
4- Feel free to stay there, feel a good stretch and find your right balance before moving your hands up to the ceiling.
5- Wow! Now that you got the low lunge pose, you can add some variations if wanted.

                    Lizard pose or Utthan Pristhasana
This hip opener pose strengthens your inner thighs and prepares the body for deeper hip openers
In my video, I am showing how to get in this pose from the low lunge
1-Bring your arms down to the mat
2- Walk your arms forward and come down on your forearms
3-Keep the knee of the foot on the mat or lift it by making sure to stretch that leg out.
Tip: You can use yoga blocks under your forearms to make it easier.

Winner of the previous giveaway is Pemen Sylvie. Please reach out to me for your prize.

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Read about my fear and WIN this!

Join the party and WIN!

Hello everyone, what’s with you? I hope nobody answers the sky. LOL.  I recently launched my YouTube channel and it is another venture for me. I have always thought about having one and people have also encouraged me to do so for tutorial and longer videos, so here we are. Having a YouTube channel, it is a challenge for me and I like taking challenges to see how far I can go. I personally think Youtube is the hardest social media to have. Next, I cannot listen to myself. We all have some things we like and do not like about ourselves. One of the things I dislike (dislike might be a strong word but you got what I am trying to say) is my voice, so having a YouTube channel will help to work on that and accept what I sound like. Last, I know I do not have the best accent ever speaking English, but hey this is not my first language. I am prepared for all the “What is she saying?” “We cannot even hear you” or “What language are you speaking”. I make fun of myself before you do. I am pretty much facing a fear here. Bear with me and let’s grow together.

My website has been up almost for 6 months now! Whoop whoop. I am grateful, I have over 60,000 visits. Thanks to everyone. This + a YouTube channel call for a party! It is so simple to join. I teamed up with RuvaAfricWear (@ruva_afric_wear on Instagram), a brand that emphasizes on everyday functional clothing with African flair. This brand aims to embrace and celebrate the African culture through fashion and everyday clothing. I am wearing a pair of leggings from them in this YouTube video. I know I said earlier there is a party going on, you can easily join and win an item from RuvaAfricWear!


How to join?

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How AWESOME is this?! I am sharing with you a video to practice Yoga and get your summer body! And you can win one of your next workout clothes! DOPE 


Yoga and Art

I feel like it has been a while I have posted but it’s been less than 20 days, well it is a while. Let’s me admit it. I have been busy with some little personal stuff and been also thinking and looking for ways to make the blog better. I am talking about adding new topics like sharing a bit of lifestyle, guest talk etc.… Nothing has been decided yet. I post daily practice on Instagram as usual (IG: @jvstizia).

Before moving forward, I would like to welcome my new subscribers and thank all my readers and supporters, the visitors’ number has been increasing and I am thankful for it all. Once again, if you have any questions or suggestions, I am opened to that. Do not hesitate to share them with me.

I am always happy when I go through my Instagram notifications and see that an artist out there was inspired by one of my post to the point to spend time and draw me. Many artists out there draw yoga poses and I have always been curious about the WHY?  How does Yoga inspire their artwork? Or is just for advertising purpose? How are these two, yoga and drawing related? I went on a hunt for myself and for you. How awesome is that? I asked the questions to some artists. Big shout out to all of them before sharing their answers!

Here is what I asked these talented people “How do Yoga poses (asana) inspire your work?


Above is a beautiful artwork by Marc Anderson from one of my post.  “As an artist, the human form is beautiful…the folding, the twisting, the bending, the extension…  The asana has such MOVEMENT and STILLNESS at the same time. It is a wonderful challenge to capture.” The human form is beautiful, WORD! I feel the same everytime I see any Yoga picture. Our body is AMAZING and CAPABLE!


” I’ve been trying to get out my comfort zone and draw actual person and studying the shape of the human body is a big part of the process.  I think Yoga poses have helped me in this process. Beyond understanding how flexible the human body can be It feel like actual art.” The human body performing Yoga is art! PREACH


A post shared by Gery Assani (@ibspotlii) on

Another artwork based on my post  “The asana is defined as the basis, a meditative and dynamic posture aimed to capture the energies and invigorating the being. According to my research, it is often difficult to perform. On the blow of inspiration, I wanted to capture the moment in my way by using my art. It is very special!”

Last but not least, an artwork from Alexander who aims to honor female strength and grace with her art.


 “I believe I have a calling in life, to use creative loving compassion to celebrate female strength, grace and beauty. I frequently turn to Yoga poses as a reference because I see these qualities there. Recently, I have been focusing on the idea that beauty is more than just your physical appearance and the Yoga drawings play an important role there.”

It is interesting how artists find the Human body beautiful and amazing as I do, as many people who practice Yoga do. The human body is sacred and need to be honored. I personally challenge myself with the alignment while practicing and that is the thing that inspire artists out there! Yoga is present everywhere.  I am glad that I finally found an explanation or an answer to my question.

Yoga poses inspire artists with its beauty and uniqueness, therefore Yoga calls for Art.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post and do not forget to share it around Fam!

Do not forget to check out these amazing artists and their work on Instagram.



Naked Yoga


Hey there! you are fine. Let’s go straight to the topic which is Naked Yoga!  As you already know I talk based on my experience and give my honest opinion. Do not take anything personal, it is just a Yoga Blog Fam!  I’ve been seeing people doing and posting naked Yoga pictures on the gram.

Am I against it? No.

Do I like it? Yes and No

Have I tried it? Yes

Will my naked yoga pictures make it to the gram? Uhmm Keep following me on Instagram (@jvstizia) if my naked yoga pictures pop on your feed one day, good. If it never pops, sorry but I know you will keep supporting. Right? On est ensemble!

Now let’s talk about my naked Yoga experience.  Yes, I have tried naked yoga in the past. The first time I tried was in the shower after a warrior pose, goddess pose and standing split, I was like ” No no no girl, you are about to slip and lose some teeth.” Moreover, the water was running and I was out of breath. Well, now I realized that I was wrong by doing it in the shower. The posts I have seen on Instagram were never in the shower.

One of those days, I decided to try again, always by curiosity to see how Naked Yoga makes people feel, perhaps it brings some type of energy or awakening, I don’t know. I wanted to try it myself and find out. I was just curious as always! Attachez bien vos ceintures. Oh, do not forget to let me know what you think in the comments session.

I got on my mat, child pose checked, cat and cow pose good, camel pose well done. Now, I was trying to go deeper; I meant working on other asanas. This was making me conscious about my body and was taking away the fun of my usual yoga practice. I stumble, fall, roll and laugh at myself, this is the Yoga practice I like. This naked yoga session was a type of scary emotions, like will I fall bad on my boobs? There are no sport bras with pads, that will be painful. Like how do you work on frog pose and split while having a naked Yoga session? All these questions were running in my head and they were not helping me to enjoy the session. How do people do it?

These sessions mostly taught me to be gracious and careful with my body.

I asked my Instagram friends told me that naked yoga is a “must do”. I might have done something wrong then.

Dear readers, what do you know about naked yoga? Share your experience with me!



What did Yoga do to me?


What’s up? How are you? Last time, I talked to you about some Yoga cons from my perspective and I hope you guys got something from it.  I never meant to discourage anyone from starting a Yoga journey. I always advise people to give it a try because Yoga is great!

This is a bit personal but I still want to share it. Some readers (Coucou, Hi, Hola!)  might recognize themselves in this, but it is all part of my journey. I have a ton of reasons to be grateful to have discovered and have started practicing Yoga. (I know I say this a lot but I just can’t stop). Confidence is one of them all, yes I said CONFIDENCE.

Few years back, I could only post pictures of my upper body, not because I was ashamed of myself but because I was fearing the comments and the name calling games. Last Monday, a page reposted my picture with the #thirsttrap. Did I respond to it? No. Did I feel disrespected? No. I am still getting direct messages of people telling me that I am just looking for attention on my Instagram or that my page is for sex not Yoga and so on. I get told that I should not allow myself to wear some stuff and post certain pictures because it is indecent and provocative.

Question: Oh is it me? Or my poses? Or your mind? Or society?

I stay unbothered now a days, in my past days I would just delete the post. That has been a process. I used to come at people as well and I apologize for that ( If you are reading me) .

Let me ask a question! Why is the skinny girl allowed to post in workout set and not me? I am sorry that society must keep us within its standards, I am happy to be standing with my own beliefs today.

I got people telling me that the deeper I was getting into Yoga, the more comfortable, the more confident and free I look. I have never thought that people would notice this part of my growth. Shout out to you out there!

Thanks to Yoga for teaching me that I am no different

Thanks to Yoga for teaching me to do and be myself unapologetically

Thanks to Yoga for teaching me to be confident

Thanks to Yoga for getting me out of the box


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I am creating and finding myself and the journey continues…


Yoga Cons


Fam, I am back again with something and you wanna sit tight and read this. I have been thinking about it and it was time to write it down and share with y’all. This has been going through my mind since I always get asked “What else do you do besides Yoga?” “Do you have any social life?”  “Is Yoga all you do?” Yoga is good, Yoga is great! We could talk about the pros of Yoga all day long. I am thankful to have discovered Yoga and I am still enjoying my practice!

As you know, or as we know, I started sharing my practice on Instagram and I stopped for a while then got back at it. I am more than two-year-old on social media when it comes to Yoga sharing, so 800 + days are quite enough to notice things and address them. Besides all the greatness in Yoga, there are some cons, yes you read well, I said CONS.



_ Injury: This is the number 1. You can definitely get hurt practicing Yoga chiefly if you are a self-taught. When I first discovered Yoga, I could not afford taking classes. I was using YouTube tutorial and Instagram do and don’t to practice. It would be a lie if I tell you that I have not fell from a pose and thought I broke something. It is alright to start at home but there are some risks to it, so we want to be careful while learning.


Self-hatred: I know you are like “I thought Yoga helps to build confidence, how?”

Nowadays, Yoga has become a bit modern. Let’s face it!  Specially that we are sharing our practice on social media, taking part in yoga challenges and commenting #yogagoal under some yoga pictures. All these are good because it is helpful and somehow motivating but it can stress. I remembered in the beginning of my journey my goal was just to get the pose right. This target can easily lead to self-hatred, instead of enjoying the practice the journey and the progress, learning to love your body we focus on what the “fellow yogi” is doing, why is she or he doing it right and not me. Well, it is more than that my dear.  Do not let comparison or self-hatred or #yogagoal get in the way of your practice. Are you enjoying the practice? Are you growing with the practice?  Is Yoga making you better or is it stressing you? I hope you are getting answers to this.


Imbalance: Do not let your yoga practice imbalances your life, it must balance it. I will always talk based on my experience. Everything you learn on your mat should be reflected in your daily life. If your yoga practice is not bringing any positivity, I would say that you are doing it wrong. Practicing Yoga helps me to work on my patience, on understanding better, on loving myself, on knowing that I can do great things, on listening to myself, on acknowledging small things, on appreciating things and so on… I am happy and proud to say Yoga has helped me to become be a better person today!


I will stop here by expecting that you enjoyed what you read and would share with your friends! Don’t stop subscribing to the blog friends!

I will catch you here next time for another post, I don’t wanna cash you outside !